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We are able to easily enhance discoloured, stained or aging teeth together using an appropriate whitening program.
In-office program
Have to brighten up your pearly whites for a special occasion or even an event? Receive remarkable results with VENUS our professional whitening system.Unlike other popular brands of whitening VENUS produces a very low rate of sensitivity. Our staff at Big Bay Dental has tested all of the name brands in whitening and has found this to give the best whitening experience.Venus uses state of the art whitening technology to achieve and maintain a bright and radiant smile. Treat yourself to a whiter smile today by booking an appointment.

At-home teeth whitening Barrie Innisfil

At-home teeth whitening

This kind of whitening method may be accomplished in the comfort of your own home. Whitening solution is put into custom-fitted trays which are shaped to fit flawlessly over your teeth. The product applied in your custom-fit tray is a stronger percentage then can be found in other popular over the counter products. Giving you the best results to whiten your natural teeth without interfering with your schedule.

Wondering which option will be right for you? Talk to your Hygienist or Dentist at your next visit and they would be happy to help you choose the best option to suit your needs

Teeth Whitening Barrie Innisfil

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