Oral Surgery

Dr. Rouah may recommend oral surgery as part of your treatment plan depending on your dental treatment needs. Learn more about gum grafting, bone grafting and sinus lifts.

Gum Grafting

A gum graft is a procedure that thickens gums by placing gum from another area where tissue has receded. This can be done to repair damage from gum recession or for aesthetic reasons. 

How long is the gum grafting procedure?

A gum graft procedure can last anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on your level of gum recession.

How long is the healing process for gum grafts?

It may take a few weeks for your gums to fully heal. You should be able to return to normal activities the day after your procedure. Dr. Rouah will give specific instructions regarding after-surgery care. These are important precautions that you should follow after a gum graft.

Are there any complications I should watch for after surgery?

Like every medical procedure, there are always risks involved and success depends on a number of factors, including proper follow-up care. Let your dentist know if you experience any unusual symptoms following the procedure.

Bone Grafting

A jawbone must have enough support for a dental implant to be successful. If you are considering implants, your dentist may recommend bone grafting if you do not have the bone support your tooth needs to heal.

Why does tooth loss happen?

There are many issues that can cause tooth loss. For example, you may have had an accident, or had gum disease that caused your tooth to fall out.

What is bone augmentation?

Bone grafting may be a necessary component to you implant treatment plan.

Bone grafting adds bone or other materials to the needed area. This will then take several months to heal and fuse with your existing jaw bone. After the healing, your dentist will then place a dental implant in your mouth. 

Sinus Lifts

A sinus lift is a procedure that is given to patients who require extra bone to be added to the upper jaw by the molars.

You may require a sinus lift if:

  • You have experienced bone loss through periodontal (gum) disease
  • You have had long-term tooth loss caused by injury

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