Dental Technology

Big Bay Dental in Barrie offers digital imaging X-rays and CEREC for our patients.

Digital X-Rays

We are pleased to offer our patients a form of X-ray imaging – digital radiography.

This technology enables the dentist to view what is going on inside the patient's teeth, issues that may not be seen from the surface.

Digital x-rays will be given to a patient on their first appointment. You may also require x-rays ever other appointment, depending on Dr. Rouah's recommendation.

The imaging instantly shows up on a computer monitor so that both the dentist and the patient can see the results in real time – no waiting necessary! With digital imaging, it is possible to magnify any potential problem areas to enable early detection.


CEREC fillings or restorations can be milled from various tooth-coloured ceramic materials to match the colour of your natural tooth.

Our team will create your veneer, crown, or onlay while you wait. A CEREC procedure usually takes only one appointment to complete. 

Our CEREC machine allows us to complete a ceramic crown, veneer or onlay in a single visit.

Using the CEREC machine a digital model of your teeth is made, the restoration is designed on the computer, and the missing tooth structure is milled in about 20 minutes using our computerized milling machine.

Dental Technology, Barrie Dentist

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