Root Canals & Extractions

Root Canal Therapy may be a necessary treatment if your tooth is decayed or infected. Dr. Rouah will do everything to save your tooth, but sometimes, infections or damage may also require extractions.

What is a root canal?

Big Bay Dental in Barrie offers root canal treatments for patients who are suffering from tooth inflammation or infection.

If your tooth has a large cavity which damages your tooth and it becomes infected, you may require a root canal treatment.

If damage is left untreated, you may get a severe infection that will damage surrounding bone and tissue. This can cause increased swelling and pain in that area.

A root canal treatment will be performed by your dentist in order to preserve your natural teeth to help maintain oral health.

What is a tooth extraction?

Sometimes teeth experience extensive damage or decay. These are examples of why your tooth may need to be removed.

Dr. Rouah will do everything he can to save your natural tooth, but if there is damage to bone or gum tissue is deficient or diseased, we may recommend removing the tooth.  

He will then evaluate your current oral health and advise on teeth replacement options for the function and aesthetic of your smile.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are generally the last of your teeth to emerge. They can start showing around the ages of 18-20, but every person is different.

Depending on the way your wisdom teeth are growing, you may need to have them extracted. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, affecting the other surrounding teeth or are infected, your dentist may recommend removal.

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