Bridges & Dentures

At Big Bay Dental in Barrie, if you have a missing tooth, Dr. Eric Rouah may recommend a bridge or dentures for your tooth replacement treatment. 

Why replace missing teeth?

Spaces left by missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern. A missing tooth can cause a variety of other issues including: shifting teeth, dental decay and a change in your bite.

You may also experience issues chewing and speaking and may want to consider your dental treatment options.

What are dental bridges?

A dental bridge is a solution for one or more missing teeth. It uses the surrounding teeth to support the "bridge" that fills the gap in your smile. The bridge is bonded to your teeth which can help prevent shifting of other teeth into that space.

Bridges are made from porcelain and metal which are secured onto your adjacent teeth. Depending on your level of care, bridges are considered semi-permanent and can last for many years. 

What are dentures?

Dentures are also another tooth/teeth replacement option available to patients. Dentures may be recommended for patients who are missing a full or partial set of teeth. Depending on your oral health situation, Dr. Rouah may recommend full or partial dentures to help support the function and aesthetic of your smile.

Dentures are natural-looking removable replacement teeth designed for patients that are missing a full set or partial set of teeth.

What are implants?

Implants are a more permanent option for teeth replacement. » Learn More

Dental Bridges & Dentures, Barrie Dentist

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