Sedation for those anxious patients

Can the very thought of getting yourself into any dental office chair fill you with anxiety? In that case, you are most certainly not alone. Here at the Big Bay Dental we sensitive to patients comfort levels and offer sedation ranging from “laughing gas” to “sleep dentistry” depending on your needs.
Our staff members work collectively to make certain our patients are as relaxed as is possible. We’ll provide you the selection of your choice of music, movies, TV programs to assist in putting your mind at ease, in turn making you feel comfortable – along with good quality traditional TLC.
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Types of sedation:

Oral sedation
Dr. Rouah can prescribe a small dose of oral medication that will help to reduce stress and anxiety. The advantages of oral sedation include providing conscious relaxation during the procedure with short term effects.

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Nitrous- oxide/IV sedation/ General anesthesia

Our specialised staff can provide you with “laughing gas” also known as nitrous-oxide for any dental procedures. This procedure is non-invasive and will provide an anxiety free appointment while still being able to communicate with the dentist.

IV sedation and General Anesthesia is done by having a specialist come into the office to administer the sedation intravenously. This provides complete sedation with little to no memory of the appointment.

Call today so that we can discuss with you an appropriate option for your Dental appointment.