Porcelain crowns & bridges


Crowns are a form of restoration that protect or “cap” the tooth to restore it in order to help its regular size and shape. Crowns strengthen as well as enhance the visual appeal. Crowns are essential used whenever a tooth features cracks to the extent in which fillings will not fix the situation. We furthermore advise them for heavily reconditioned teeth which are susceptible to stress fracture, in addition to chipped, cracked, poorly shaped, previously root canal treated or even discoloured teeth.
Crowns are especially designed to be custom molded to match you own prepared tooth. They are often made out of various materials such as porcelain, metal or even both. Porcelain crowns are usually recommended because they’re incredibly strong while mimicking the actual colour of natural enamel.
What is scaling and root planning?


Spaces eventually left by means of missing teeth could potentially cause surrounding teeth to be able to move, decay, change your bite as well as have an effect on the actual appearance of your smile. A bridge enables you to substitute a number of absent teeth “bridging” the space involving 2 or more teeth. The actual replacement tooth is bonded permanently to the teeth on either side of the space to stop the mobility and offer the appearance of a healthy beautiful smile. Bridges may be created by porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or a high precious metal combination. This is determined by your medical requirements as well as personal preference.

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