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Laser treatments gum recontouring

The Odyssey® Diode Laser represents modern laser technology designed for soft tissue modification as well as bacterial reduction treatment.Inflamed, red and uneven gums compromise the complete appearance as well as the health of the teeth.
Laser gum recontouring is often a simple dental procedure that will adjust gum irregularities and enhance the overall visual appeal and dental health. Nicely shaped healthy gums help you frame you teeth and enhance the overall appearance of your smile.
Laser Gum Bacterial Reduction in Barrie Innisfil

Laser gum bacterial reduction

The laser also stimulates healing with regard to infected and irritated tissues. During laser gum therapy the laser is used at a low setting to destroy the bacteria in the gums which reduced bleeding and swelling. The laser may also be used for managing generalized gum and periodontal disease. An additional advantage of diode laser technology is the ability to reduce pain and longevity associated with cold sores.

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