Laser hygiene therapy

Laser hygiene therapy sessions

How does laser bacterial reduction work?
When using laser therapy in combination with the ultrasonic instruments to treat oral infection, bleeding is reduced to a minimal amount. The laser therapy works by reducing the bacterial presence, thus decreasing the level of inflammation. When an area is treated, bacterial activity that causes inflammation and eventual bone loss is interrupted, giving the tissues a chance to heal. This process allows the tissues to be disease-free to the point where tissues may even re-attach to the tooth and bring the pocket depth back to a normal or near-normal depth.
How Many laser treatments will I need?
Depending on the severity of the oral infection, a series of sessions of laser therapy will be recommended. Our dental hygienist will determine the exact number of sessions required based on the areas of bleeding, the pocket measurements and tissue integrity. Patients generally report a decrease in gum sensitivity after laser treatment is completed. Additional treatment may be needed in the future to maintain gum health.
Quick, comfortable and minimal discomfort!

Quick, comfortable and minimal discomfort!

Laser therapy is a non-invasive and reportedly comfortable procedure. In severe cases of periodontal disease surgery may be indicated however with the use of laser therapy we can often prevent the need for such invasive gum surgery.

Periodontal disease- a risk to your health

Periodontal disease- a risk to your health

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is important to your overall health. Gum disease can pose a serious threat to your body and has been linked to the following condition:

Heart and Stroke disease
Pre-term births
Low birth weight babies
Uncontrolled Diabetes