Dental Implants

Implants are usually the best way to replace absent teeth and when appropriately maintained can last years or even a life time.

An implant is an artificial root made from titanium which is surgically anchored directly into your jaw to support the replacement tooth or bridge in position. This is composed of a couple key components; the actual titanium implant which takes the place of the absent root and also the tooth-coloured crown which is cemented on the surface of the implant.As opposed to bridges, implants do not depend on neighbouring teeth with regard to support. They are permanent, totally secure and appear just like natural teeth.

An implant is a great alternative pertaining to replacing missing teeth. Aside from the aesthetic reason of losing a tooth and how it will look, it will also affect your general oral health. Loss of back teeth will also directly change the way you bite, eat and chew, making it ultimately more difficult. The gap it creates can cause a caved in appearance to your face, in turn changing your smile. Implants can solve all these problems and restore your teeth, giving you a perfect smile.
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